Alex Lamy

Alex Lamy



Bachelors in Nutrition and Exercise Science

Precision Nutrition L-1

Certified Physical Preparation Specialist

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

NASM Certified Performance Enhancement Specialist

NASM Certified Mixed Martial Arts Specialist

NASM Certified Senior Fitness Specialist

About Coach

I started my fitness journey at the age of 12 in order to get better at the sports I played, which included basketball, soccer, tennis, baseball, boxing, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai kickboxing, judo, wrestling, track and field, and cross country. Fitness and sports helped cultivate me into the coach and person I am today by teaching me about leadership, teamwork, communication, work ethic, attendance, being present, strategy, and goal setting. Even at this point in my coaching career, they continue to teach me new things and revisit old ones that I learned in the past. I won various medals and awards in cross country and track and field, which were my main sports by the end of my high school career.

Turning Point

My turning point happened shortly after my 13th birthday when my father passed away from cancer. He was a role model for me in many aspects of life, especially health, and fitness. I realized I needed to grow up quickly and develop myself as a young man. Fitness and sports helped me build confidence, communication skills, and self-awareness. They became my escape and later a part of my mission to help others. With the help of phenomenal coaches and by becoming a leader myself, I found my current path. I strongly believe that fitness is not only a way to develop physically but also mentally and emotionally.

Motivation & Passion

My purpose as a coach is to assist and guide others in achieving a better life through health and wellness for themselves and those around them. I am passionate about serving the "underdogs", the average person, and anyone who strives to excel in life because I believe that with the right guidance, work ethic, and resiliency, anyone can be great or at least greater than they currently are. My motivation comes from the countless people I have helped throughout my career, the ones I currently work with, and the ones I will meet in the future. I believe in providing high-value-based service and strive to improve by 1% every day.

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